Magfed­is­fam­ily Project

Most play­ers build up or join ded­i­cated paint­ball teams and start to oper­ate in their local regions. And very often they are vis­it­ing spe­cial events in the neigh­bour regions as well. DEF­CON III does the same by usu­ally play­ing in the Czech Repub­lic and Ger­many but some­times join­ing events in UK, France, Poland, Greece… That’s great but we rarely get in touch with other regions.

As one of the first ger­man teams DEF­CON III is fur­ther­more part of the ‘Magfed­is­fam­ily’ project which has basi­cally the aim to pro­mote and sup­port the pas­sion of play­ing magfed paint­ball, the involved teams /​play­ers on a world­wide level.

We are directly rep­re­sented by set­ting up one of the redac­teurs at the Face­book page and this project gives us the pos­si­bil­ity to get in touch with other teams and play­ers from (at the moment) 22 nations inside and out­side of Europe, who share our vision of an awe­some hobby based on team­work, fair­play and sports­man­ship. And this lead into new con­tacts to teams in e.g. South Africa, USA, Colom­bia or New Zealand.

The teams totaly keep their sou­veran­ity. But by using the same project ban­ner and patches these teams and play­ers have a great chance to stay as one fam­ily when­ever they are on the same events and so on. The green coloured coun­tries on the pic­ture show where we have teams rep­re­sent­ing the Magfed­is­fam­ily project.

If you have any ques­tions please send a mes­sage directly from the Face­book page of the project and the group of admins will take care about it. Next to that you can con­tact Rakarth, he is the respon­si­ble per­son in our team.

But what is this MagFed paint­ball we are talk­ing about?
This is basi­cally the way to feed the paint­ball into the marker. Since most marker are fed by an ontop hop­per in big­ger scales, the Magfed marker has a change­able mag­a­zin with very lim­ited paint used in the grip or under the marker. Paint­ball pis­tols like the Tipp­mann TiPX are using 712 rounds; big­ger ones are using mag­a­zines with 1220 rounds. The lim­i­ta­tion of the rounds the player can use and the need of chang­ing the mag­a­zines inside of the game is a very inter­est­ing way to play paint­ball. You have to think well before you use it. Just for com­par­sion a paint­ball marker used e.g. in the tour­na­ments can keep like 200+ of rounds and with a trained fin­ger these are gone with a rate of 8 rounds per sec­ond.
MagFed paint­ball marker work on every game for­mat but very often they are used in spe­cial magfed only games or in sce­nario events. And there are a lot of enthu­si­asts who are using them on big wood­land events as well.

- fur­ther details will follow -

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