In 1988 play­ing in Schwet­zin­gen, Ger­many, under the friendly order of Out­door Recre­ation Mannheim, our found­ing mem­bers got in con­tact with this awe­some sport. After form­ing The Cru­saders with some paintball-​enthusiasts from the Rhein-​Neckar region in early 1990, team DEF­CON III emerged as a German/​US play­ers com­pan­ion­ship in 1991.

From the first days the Team was per­ma­nently manned with Inter­na­tional play­ers. Since then, DEF­CON III par­tic­i­pated in games around the world. We are a pas­sion­ate sce­nario /​wood­land /​woods­ball team, fol­low­ing the motto of style, safety and fair play.

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We want to empha­size, that we are in no way con­nected to rad­i­cal com­mu­ni­ties either of the right– nor the left-​wing and we are not look­ing for any con­tact what so ever. We do not have any polit­i­cal ambi­tion regard­ing our sport, but fol­low the basic demo­c­ra­tic order of freedom.

To any­body look­ing for any kind of war game, you are com­pletely wrong here! For us it’s just the chal­lenge in sports and hav­ing fun work­ing in a healthy team environment.

- Ger­man ver­sion -
An dieser Stelle möchten wir aus­drück­lich darauf aufmerk­sam machen, das wir in kein­ster Weise Kon­takte zur Recht­sradikalen Szene haben/​suchen und auch anson­sten keine poli­tis­chen Ambi­tio­nen mit diesem Sport verknüpfen, generell sind wir der Frei­heitlich Demokratis­chen Grun­dord­nung ver­bun­den. Wer in diesem Sport ein Kriegsspiel sucht, der ist bei uns an der falschen Adresse! Für uns zählt die sportliche Her­aus­forderung und der Spaß an guter Teamarbeit.